pitty party you can have him and i will remove posession if it really matters to you, but apparently; my feelings don't

I've been wrong about many things but my intuition has never been
I can tell youre lying and I tell
you lie to me
Even worse,
you lie to you.

youre a liar tonight
dragging me through
a future where you make me have to look you in the face and say,
I told you so
many times I knew youll hurt me.

How is this worth it? How have you made me?
Nothing you say makes sense.
Even worse,
Nothing you do makes sense. 


It's really just a shower scene,
Look how normal we can be--
I'm looking at you
And you ask me what's the deal with Miguel,
Tush! Tush! Tush!
I shrug and remember your eyes warming me,
"This bokchoy is beautiful, tho."

Do you wanna dance?
Yep, me too.
Our limbs feel lovely
We pretend we're a choir
Do you like hugs?
Yep, well, me too.

"This new frank ocean sounds like me when I do my nasal rap, and this weird part sounds like you,"
"Yeah, I'm the harmonics!"

And in the ocean, I wash your hair
On my tip toes, I reach for your eyes
Come on and warm me. Come on.


You don't symbolize with me,
Or want to see my leg work,
You want to see my legs.

I earthquake
And i break
what little patience
This incredibly dumb flesh has
That I pretend I control
Over you tubes lubes pubes

My body holds inside
Of it a voice
You can't hear, hi, hello 




my heart tonight

paper petals, plastic bags, pinning I'm pinning and
i wonder what it is like to pine for it
where do my tears, like a stream running down, carry me?
all times I've pushed through taffeta bodies only to be carried ashore by my very tears, dried by the sun and hardened by the commands, who cares about your coral. not a single person can keep me from sinking, washed up drying on the sand like a shark can't simply walk back into the ocean, i whimper there to be seen. to be helped. to be fed.

someones dream come true.